Saturday, November 05, 2005

Day 7: Kyoto. Johnnie Hillwalker

I think the Lonely Planet Kyoto guide is a complete waste of money. Now, it might be semi-useful if if it had worthwhile maps. I've seen better maps on placemats at McDonald's, let alone a guidebook you actually pay for. I can understand maybe not labeling each and every side street, but there are HUGE streets that go completely unlabeled. On a map that has 85 points of interest and covers over 2 square kilometers, they labeled...5 streets. Just in English, mind you, so that if you want to cross-check bus routes (in Japanese) you're out of luck.

But one thing I'll be grateful for Lonely Planet for is the recommendation of the "Johnnie Hillwalker" walking tour of Kyoto. This is a fellow that's been doing tours for over 35 years now--he's now 75 and still leading 5-hour long walking tours every other day. Highly recommended, and did I mention he's 75? Go quickly.


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